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Far Away Yet Being There


Far Away Yet Being There

It’s been 5 years since I left my city and settled here abroad. The worry to leave my parents behind has always been at the back of mind. My father is 70 and my mother is 61 both are quite independent but still they are ageing which means there are problems that will appear eventually.

This is the story of all households where families are staying apart

This is the story of all households where families are staying apart in different cities for various reasons. According to, around the world, near 3 million people migrate to another city every week, seeking fortune. It is also stated that by 2050 around 66% of people will migrate to another city increasing the urban population. The world migration report of 2015 says it’s a policy to shape urbanisation. The primary reason for migration is to have a better lifestyle but there are several other factors that play a crucial role. Along with the excitement of new life, they also carry the baggage of worry and tension with them, especially for their parents.

Though parents these days are very much capable of taking care of themselves, still one cannot change the fact that they are ageing. Caring for elderly or ageing parents is a tough task. We all face the struggle and we all are seeking the best possible way to help them. As you browse the internet, looking for ways to care for your parents, you will find there are many ideas and information but what really matters most is being present which cannot be replaced by anything. As we move forward in life we often forget that elderly people also face serious mental and emotional issues which are equally important as their physical problems, sometimes it is much more. Physical comfort can be looked after and can be taken care of but it is important to delve deep into the emotional aspect.

You can try different tips and tricks but they don’t always work and therefore you need to settle in for something that will bring a permanent resolution. The stress of caregiving often puts strains on families and relationships, but here’s a thing you are not alone in this. As much as you are fighting, maybe the elderly person is fighting the same feeling of change. Living alone is not easy though people are compelled to do it. The Institute of ageing in America says around 40% of people above 65 years of age live alone, it is scary, but the truth. There are so many ways and things to do but with distance, it brings limited access. To the start here are certain things that you can primarily do to help the situation.

Education and training

Technology is evolving every day, from phone to mobile and all other latest gadgets which helps to stay connected all the time. Yet, you have to keep in mind that an elderly person is still new to this world. Depending on technology is good in some ways where you can have some assurance provided you also teach them how to use it.

  • Making them familiar with technology and training them to use
  • Practising with them using the technology
  • Helping them understand the procedure in an easier way

Following these can help you supervise and keep a track on them. It will also help you address their needs, learn about them and also communicate with them very easily.

Research before making a decision

In most cases, word of mouth and family references work, yet it is always better to do your research and then jump into the decision making process.

  • Always have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the person you are hiring.
  • Pay attention to small details and note down of necessary information.
  • Make a smooth transition and arrangements that will help your elderly in the best way possible.

It is your responsibility to make sure everything is going smoothly and this will only happen once you assess your choice rightly.

Monitoring their health

With age comes a lot of difficulties and slowly people lose their flexibility and that brings a lot of pain.

  • To help them active, always encourage them to do exercises
  • Maintain their diet and medicine intake
  • Keep a track of their dosage
  • Engage them in a social or recreational activity which will help them relax
  • Boredom can bring a lot of trouble, make sure they are happy.

It is important to make a note of their mental health properly. Happy minds will have a healthy body.

Arranging for the right care

When you are in need to find the right place of care for your elderly person, assisted living can be one of the options to think of. Assisted living is an exclusive facility for elders who need residential care and the comfort of a homely environment while enjoying all the benefits of professional caregivers. This is a place where rehabilitative and restorative care, respite care and many other services are provided to give the elderly a happy life. From physical support to emotional support all are provided with utmost care. Constant attention to every detail and needs are addressed so that the elderly person is cared for. You must understand all the options and then decide which way to go.

There are many ways but which is suitable for you and your parents is up to you. You can get as much information as you want, but taking the right decision is crucial for a happy future life.


In today’s world it is a great challenge for the elderly to receive proper care. By care we mean timely and the correct.

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