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FAQs on Elder Care at Grand World

Answers to Your Elder Care Questions

Elder’s may need care regarding their day to day activities. Assisted Living provides round the clock care for elder by trained professional healthcare workers in our Assisted Living Facility. Home Nursing provides care for elders in the comfort of the patient’s home

Grand World Elder Care’s home nurses are trained for elder care at home. They are trained to be compassionate and professional. Grand World Elder Care’s professional team of administrators ensure that the patient receives proper care by supporting the nurses in the front lines.

Home nurses provide services for one shift at a patient’s home, either day shift or night shift.

Payment to be made in advance before the start of service. Any refunds due to the patient/patient family will be made as and when necessary.

An assessment will be made by Grand World team before starting services and service will commence after assessing need of patient.

Generally, the minimum number of days is 30 days. However, Temporary services can be availed too.

No, Grand World Elder Care’s nurses are provided food in our facilities so that the patient’s family is not burdened with providing them food.

No, Grand World Elder Care’s nurses’ commute is taken care of by Grand World Elder Care in our own vehicles to ensure their safety and patient’s safety for prevention of infections.

YES, All Grand World Elder Care nurses are trained in vitals management where patients are periodically checked.

Assisted Living Facilities are Facilities which care for elders by way of nursing support by Assisting or supervising so that the elder’s daily activities including medicine management is taken care of.

YES, we have in-house doctors who monitor patients health.

Grand World Elder Care’s team consists of a team of physiotherapists, Doctors and Nurses who will help in the rehabilitation process.

YES, Grand World Elder Care’s senior nurses have experience in ICU setups in multi speciality hospitals and Junior Nurses are trained in advanced nursing at Grand World Elder Care . Advanced nursing procedures are performed in Grand World Elder Care Assisted Living Facility premises and also at homes of our patients.

YES Grand World Elder Care takes care of patients who are recovering post surgery anywhere from a two week period to 12 weeks depending on the condition of the patient.

Grand World Elder Care Assisted Living Facilities provide the apt environment for recovery. Grand World Elder Care’s facilities are more like a home setup with garden and open to sky facilities for peace of mind of the patient.

At Grand World Elder Care we have :

  • Patient beds
  • Anti-skid flooring
  • Landscaped garden
  • Walkway
  • Wifi
  • Private TV and Common area TV
  • Lounge
  • Large common areas
  • In-house pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy zones
  • Regular events for elders

Yes. Utmost in patient care is the intent of care givers. We realise that families need their breaks too from taking care of aged parents. Respite care is also part of the different types of care at Grand World Elder Care.

Yes , in our dementia wing.

  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology sessions
  • Incidental nursing care
  • IVs
  • Pharmacy at facility and home
  • Pathological services

We provide services presently in Coimbatore and Chennai.

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