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Cold, cough and flu lingering longer each passing season?

How can one overcome this faster? 1. Hydrate : Winter can be a season when you do not drink enough water. Fluids are essential for proper functioning of bodily systems. During the winter months we […]

Fitness motivation for Elders 

(Please consult a doctor before adopting any of the methods or techniques suggested in this blogpost) Introduction: Fitness has immense health benefits and everyone knows it. You are a new you once you start. Oh […]

Things to Remember

Grand World Elder Care dealing with memory problems. As we grow old, it gets more and more difficult to remember things. Memory loss as we age is common. Losing keys, forgetting where the spectacles are […]

Far Away Yet Being There

Far Away Yet Being There It’s been 5 years since I left my city and settled here abroad. The worry to leave my parents behind has always been at the back of mind. My father […]

Should I see a Geriatrician after 60?

Should I see a Geriatrician after 60? Just like there are pediatricians for the young, there are specialized doctors for the elderly. Medical concerns that elders face are very different from those that a young […]

Are You Forgetting dementia?

I have memory loss!! Do I have Dementia?? This is the question that lingers around in the minds of young senior citizens. By young, I mean the population who have just got retired and entered […]

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In today’s world it is a great challenge for the elderly to receive proper care. By care we mean timely and the correct.

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